Captured Curiosities on Film


While we're fans of sunshine, rainbows, and all things colorful in the community, there comes a time when we're in the mood for a little bit of darkness. And there's no better time for that than Halloween.

Credits: freckleface

While these photos can look glum, brooding, or downright creepy, we have to recognize the technique behind every frame. We just love how these community members employed different photo techniques to capture such perfectly creepy photographs. Multiple exposures are a great way to conjure up clones within the frame to mimic ghost sightings (@freckleface) while long exposures can create interesting blurs (@satomi). Dramatic lighting like that in the double exposure photo of @gnalyleech and @arseniusanomalius can set a mood so strong that it can be difficult to look away. @12_12, @thufflife, and @zapselskaimage also used background, color, and silhouette to bring equally chilling photos.

Credits: 12_12, gnarlyleech, thufflife, zapselskaimage, arseniusanomalius & satomi

Photography is a tool to bring out your most creative and imaginative ideas to life. And that includes even dark ideas that can give balance to your candid shots and family albums. Explore and have fun! Even if it means taking photos with a little help from the darkness, literally and figuratively.

Do you have scary or spooky photos to share? Comment down below and let's have a look together! Boo!

written by cheeo on 2020-10-31 #culture #dark #halloween

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